By The Lenspeed Team

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Touring Superleggera, the Italian coachbuilder which also brought us the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante (of which one is sold to a Singapore-based owner), has recently launched the Berlinetta Lusso in Singapore at a cool S$1.8million sans taxes. We presume the price with taxes wasn’t mentioned because of its astronomical figure, but also because the car is so customisable, a full figure wouldn’t have been indicative of a final price, anyway.

Launched only at Geneva in March 2015, the car found its way to Singapore a month later, presumably to capture some low-hanging fruit from the wealthy collectors in the region.

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One of only five hand-built units, the Lusso was developed on a Ferrari F12 chassis apparently on a customer’s whim. Touring Superleggera quotes a “lavish three-box volume separation” design that delivers perfect proportions. Which actually just means bonnet, cockpit and trunk.

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According to the manufacturer, no less than twelve different types of alloy – some of them used for the first time in the automotive world – were used, besides new ways of assembling and connecting components. All of this lead to considerable weight saving bringing the value to 1,525 kg and 20% increase in torsional stiffness, supporting the stellar performance and efficiency. So it’s not all aesthetic.

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To emphasise its hand-built nature, aluminium panels are hand-beaten at Touring Superleggera using a 1:1 manufacturing buck in epoxy replicating the zero-surface with offset equal to the panels’ thickness.

It’s a surprise given all of the above, the lead time for production is only 10 months.

If you’re keen to order yours, head down to Eurosports Auto in Teban Gardens…