Lenspeed is the product of the love for cars. They are more than mere mechanical objects to us, which is why we ceaselessly share our experience to inform, educate, question and provoke the way we view them. We aim to bring you unbiased, precise and useful information straight from the drivers’ seat, believing in the thrill of driving.

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The Lenspeed Team.

From L to R: James, Gerald, Shers, Desmond, Chor and BLT.

Bringing with them experience from various facets of the automotive industry, the Lenspeed team is a young but ambitious gathering of minds that runs this not-for-profit website only for the love of cars. From editorial to brand principal backgrounds in the automotive business, we have been on ‘both sides of the fence’ to give you a balanced view of the industry.

Specialists contributing to Lenspeed play a unique role in being the go-to person for various fields of expertise.


James and Gerald are the founders of Lenspeed. Hopelessly passionate about cars and trying our best to lead normal lives, they always find ourselves unconsciously thinking about anything on wheels.


Chor is our in-house exhaust and exhaust note specialist, reportedly being able to sniff the scent of a V8’s lingering thunder from a mile way.


Shers is a young chap with an uncanny love for cars older than him, and with an exquisite, selective motoring taste that can make the usually ice-cold Kimi Raikkonen sing a soprano.


BLT is our part-time petrol head and full-time film maker.


Desmond is the man to go to for everything about sports cars.

We also have a roving group of guest writers who enrich the Lenspeed ecosystem. Be nice to them.


What you’ll find below is a collage of photos taken while Lenspeed started off as a Tumblr page. We posted a photo a day (we tried to stick to it – we really did!) and it was fun, but we knew our writing urges had to be satiated somewhere, somehow, one day…

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