By The Lenspeed Team


While the Jaguar F-Type is said to draw inspiration from the E-Type Coupe that we all know and love – and it does, to a great extent – its spitfire-sounding exhaust is actually not British.

A Jaguar engineer for the F-Type loved the centrally-mounted tailpipes of the 6-cylinder E-Types of old, and given their unique, slightly upturned position, it was an exhaust design that simply couldn’t be taken off the shelf. He went off for a search for an exhaust that would suit the F-Type – both V6 and V8 models – that, in a similar fashion, would be special only to the F-Type.

He found it in Italy. Boutique exhaust specialist, Unifer, had the answer. Giving the engineer a leather-bound aluminium suitcase in which were samples of handmade exhaust tips, Unifer sealed the deal when they were all brought back to the UK and found favour when fitted to the F-Type.

That is why the F-Type sounds like nothing else out there today, despite its supercharged engines which don’t usually sound as good as naturally aspirated ones. It’s a British car with Italian pipes. But hey, no one’s complaining, and we applaud Jaguar for putting in the effort to make this car a truly special one.

We’d love to drive it, and the Jaguar F-Type Coupe looks like an ideal candidate for some exhaust appreciation.