By The Lenspeed Team

Spindle grille

What we have here is a CT200 Hybrid in F Sport trim. Sounds like an oxymoron statement? We think so too. But it seems like Lexus will not hold back on plans to beef up all models of their range with a sportier image, starting off with the soon-to-be trademark front face, or “Spindle Grille” in Lexus speak.

According to Lexus, they are adding more sporty visuals to an elegant design. Is this a matter of too many chefs spoiling the broth? We think so. We are huge fans of the tame, understated front fascia of the 2nd-gen Lexus IS and 3rd-gen GS (and certain Shers will agree with us). They are elegant, yet not overly sporty to a point of appearing too ostentatious. It’s the subtlety that drew us to the brand, rather than the current emphasis on a more energetic visual presence.

Well, it seems like they are now treading this path. But they might very possibly enter BMW’s territory. BMW has aced this balance of sporty dynamics with a stylish design for decades. As far as Lexus is concerned, it could spell danger for a brand with drivetrains and powertrains known to be smooth as silk. Yes, this sporty  “Spindle Grille” will amplify the character of their F Sport models, but from a business perspective, only time will tell if this gamble will pay off. Let’s wait and see.