By James Wong


I chose a coffeeshop where I can sit on a table while looking at my car.

It’s been exactly a week yesterday since I got the car, and have covered a grand total of 368.6km. Normally, I would do that sort of mileage in three or even four weeks, but I guess the running in period always involves senseless and mindless road trips to nowhere.

Surprisingly, given my heavy right foot so far, I managed a respectable fuel consumption. I just pumped 49.6 litres at Esso, so that works out to 7.43 km/L.

That is honestly not a bad figure. I averaged 8.6 km/L in my GTI and that had less power, less weight and two less driven wheels. I also boost almost in every trip at least once in the Scoobie. I think if I keep it sensible and drive below 3,000rpm for the whole tank I’m pretty confident of breaching 450 km. Not quite sure when I’d have the discipline to do that though. It’s like restraining yourself from pooping just because you want to see how well you’d do at holding it. It’s far more pleasurable just to enjoy it naturally.

Its service is coming up soon, and I’m trying to ring up BKS to book an appointment. Workshop men as usual are as elusive as city foxes and as friendly as burly eastern Europeans, so I am not looking forward to it. Already my phone call went unanswered and no record of my car’s service history was found at the shed. Gulp.