By James Wong

The most dangerous motorbike race in the world.

The only one of its kind in the world.

The Isle of Man TT. 

No more crazy schedules this time, as the next 3 days will be all about soaking in the atmosphere of enthusiasm, trepidation, excitement and the smell of risk lingering about the riders and spectators.

It is going to be a wild time. I know for sure that I will be awed by the courage of these riders, and nothing that I do will be able to convey to you the immensity of their activities. But I’ll try anyway, with some pictures and perhaps a video or two here.

I haven’t got much planned, and will be relying on recommendations and guidance when I get to the island. I am told they would be very hospitable so I really hope something great just comes together in the end! With all the public roads closed I am first wondering how I am to get around…

I’m also reading That Near-Death Thing now, trying to finish at least the core parts of it by tomorrow. I should be off then… Watch here for IOMTT posts!