By James Wong


Lenspeed has cultivated a healthy liking for wagons having been in the UK for nearly 3 years.

It was a passing admiration before, but now it’s an infatuation. I know, it’s like a man hankering over a toaster, but the appeal is beyond skin-deep.

I tested a Ford Focus ST Estate recently and wrote an impression about the car here. I will be writing a full-fledged review very soon on Lenspeed, because I think the car deserves one.

Many reviewers have cited the ST Estate’s possible role as a cut-price RS4 Avant. I am starting to feel that it is the truth.

But first, a necessary applause for Ford to let them know they are making us car enthusiasts very happy:

– Thank you for the manual gearbox in the ST Estate
– Thank you for the excellent Recaro seats, the very plush interior (despite what others may say) and the spot-on driving position. Don’t ever change it!
– Thank you for staying true to driving pleasure with cars that genuinely make a driver feel good. Excellent, excellent cars.

Every Ford hatch I have driven has been fabulous, and that is saying something.