By The Lenspeed Team

Mercedes-AMG GT

All we can see now are interior photos, but we already have a foretaste that the quality of materials is going to be a step-up from the SLS AMG, going by the swathes of leather lining the cabin and delicious chrome detailing. It’s a strong momentum that Mercedes has been building since the new W222 S-Class, followed by the stunning new C-Class interior.

However, we can also be certain that the GT (whatever happened to the SLS name?) will no longer have the naturally aspirated V8 that we all love. We hope that while the inevitable turbocharged engine takes its place, it can be made up for by a quicker shifting gearbox, which has always been an Achilles’ heel of the SLS.

The GT will be the second car developed fully independently by Mercedes-AMG, the first being the SLS AMG. Watch for it this autumn!