By Team Lenspeed

Greasy action paves the way for an informative excursion

Most of us will shun at the prospect of staying behind during car servicing intervals, to understand what goes on behind the scenes. Yes, it comes as no surprise as workshops do not offer the most conducive environment – burnt rubber and stench from chemicals are part and parcel of a mechanic’s life. How will it feel diving deep into the inner workings of their trade? We didn’t exactly get our elbows greased today, but found it rather interesting to take a walk on the wild side, with a couple of interesting finds!


This scene reminds us of Wheeler’s Yard. The rustic charm exudes a calm and somewhat elusive appeal – not that we would be here 24/7, but it’s certainly a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of hectic city life.


This reminds me of Edward Scissorhand’s workspace – you’ll find everything here, from a torque wrench, engine oil, manual hoists etc.. This makes us want to take up more practical lessons, rather than scratching the surface of automotive appreciation.


You’ll never know what to expect in a workshop, from half cuts to rare finds like this Suzuki Cappuccino – a kei car that weighs only 725kg. Microscopic, when pitched beside the Honda Stepwagon.


And if you’re observant, you can even compare rotor sizes. Some of them are labelled, which makes it much simpler to identify and understand the rotor requirements from compact hatchbacks to full-fledged MPVs.


We love car hoists, as it affords us with an unblocked view of the car’s undercarriage. You’ll be able to retrieve much more information from the car. How often do you get the chance to walk underneath a car? It’s the perfect opportunity to understand more about the mechanics of each car, from the placement of catalytic convertor right through to the suspension and axles.

There you have it – reasons why Lenspeed love to get into the thick of the action during vehicle servicing!