By The Lenspeed Team

By all accounts, the Lenspeed team are all excited about the new Civic Type R, as we have always been. Our staff FD2R has just left the fleet, which leaves a gaping hole for a high-revving, front wheel drive track special. Interestingly, when Honda released information about its new CTR, it emphasised “British-built”. We can’t help but draw comparisons to the FN2R and whether we can expect a more souped up JDM version.

What we currently know:

– Top speed: 270km/h. Clearly, the 180km/h JDM limit ain’t going to cut it here!

– Global debut at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

– 2.0-litre turbo. We’re really curious how it can keep the high-revving VTEC nature that we so love of the K series engines.

– Flat underbody

– 19-inch alloys. We’re not too excited about this – hope this doesn’t set a precedent for a jarring ride like in the FD2R.

– 4-piston 350mm drilled Brembo front disc brakes

110215-honda-The cut and scrape lines of the car is a departure from the FD2R’s cleaner profile.

110215-honda-bA 7,000rpm redline is impressive for a turbo engine, but can’t hold a candle to the K20A’s upper limits.

110215-honda-cCar looks unusually high above the ground here, but it could just be the angle.