By The Lenspeed Team

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Lenspeed joined a rather unusual drive recently, where Rolls-Royce owners took their prized automobiles to the open road with the fiesty Ferraris for the first time in recorded history in Singapore.

Although seeing a Rolls-Royce these days is less and less of an occasion thanks to the new Ghost and Wraith models which are far more numerous than the Phantom, it’s something else when you see almost a dozen together all elegantly wafting down the road.

And then pairing that with some of the most fantastic Ferraris today, including the F12 and the 458 Speciale, it was one special day indeed. Here are some pictures in some sort of a photo essay – enjoy!

resized (1 of 1)It’s early morning and you see a Ghost and a Wraith.. Are we too sleepy?

resized (1 of 1)-2No, we’re not dreaming – there are more!

resized (1 of 1)-4After a quick breakfast and briefing, we were off.

resized (1 of 1)-5First stop at Gelang Patah to re-group. Already some people got lost getting here!

resized (1 of 1)-6We checked out the KSG-equipped Ferraris…

resized (1 of 1)-7Until the Rollers arrived. The DHC is not pretty at first sight, but with more visual inspection and scrutiny, it really shows out to be a thing of beauty.

resized (1 of 1)-9And we set off!

resized (1 of 1)-10On a pit-stop, we enjoyed admiring a 458 Speciale.

resized (1 of 1)-12Reaching Malacca, we received a police escort to enter the town.

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resized (1 of 1)-14All lined up to go back home…