By Ken Ng


The Ferrari California T is probably not a stranger to you. It has been unveiled in many other countries but today marks the official launch of the all new Ferrari California T in Malaysia.

Revealed in an exclusive preview at Naza Italia, we were greeted with models and ushered to a photo-taking session – a nice touch from Ferrari’s 2013 South East Asia dealer of the Year. Dinner was also kindly provided and I have to admit, I am very impressed with the way they added extra flair into the menu.


The main star of the night has to be the car itself. Ferrari mentioned that two new colours are introduced with this car: Rosso California and Blu California, with the Blu California version on display. Personally, I would prefer Rosso California but Blu California started growing on me the longer I looked at it.

Mr. Giuseppe Cattaneo, Managing Director of Ferrari Far East, exclaimed when he introduced the California T: “Italia owners, watch your rear view mirrors!” And with good reason – the new entry-level Ferrari will rocket from 0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 316 km/h (claimed). This is possible through a 3.8-litre bi-turbo V8 engine that produces 552bhp and 557lb ft (755Nm) with an improved 7-speed dual clutch gearbox.


Ferrari owners should feel right at home in the cockpit. The cluttered steering wheel is featured here like in other new Ferraris, an attempt at ensuring that the driver can reach all the controls without having to remove their hands from the wheel. Ferrari also claimed that it is more daily drivable. The back seats can be discarded to store a golf bag in it! But they could have at least improved the interior of the car – it feels dated compared to other similar priced offerings in the market.

But make no mistake about it, for RM 888,000 (S$343,000) before taxes and duties, you are paying for an amazing piece of architecture, and of course, the chance to own a piece of the most powerful brand in the world – a Ferrari.