By The Lenspeed Team

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It was first announced in March 2013 that Jaguar Land Rover opened a regional office based in Singapore. Being literally built up from scratch, this development has been a work in progress but it seems that their marketing campaigns are now starting to roll out, tailored specially for the Asia-Pacific region.

M&C Saatchi was appointed, since February 2014, to lead Jaguar’s marketing communications initiatives across Asia-Pacific, and is responsible for the new ad campaign dubbed ‘How alive are you?’. Three key personalities – all from Asia, with a strong Singapore-based flavour – share their experience on what they do which makes them feel like they are living.

Lenspeed likes what we’ve seen, and you can be sure that the seismic shift by automotive manufacturers towards Asia-Pacific will continue to take force, with this being one of the many indicators. As it were, Jaguar seemed to have rolled out this campaign only in Singapore and Indonesia so far, but we’d wager that it will spread across to other markets in Asia soon enough once Jaguar gets its paws afoot.

Check out the official website for this campaign here: and Jaguar Asia’s new YouTube page:

And here are the three videos produced for the campaign:

Andre Chiang – Innovation

Min Lee – Performance

Eric Khoo – Design