By James Wong

In two days I’ll be attending the Festival of Speed at Goodwood.

It’s a fabled event I have always read about on forums, but I never thought that I would have a chance to go myself. What’s even better is that I have a press pass, so I will have access to many areas of the show that’s closed to the public.

The question is – what? The FOS is so huge that I am at a loss about where to start. There is simply so much going on that one gets rather overwhelmed with the information. I wish that there is an easier and uncomplicated way to run the show. I love the variety, but I wish we get more information about what’s going on. If it’s difficult for the press then I think the public will be even more bewildered.

Still, can’t say I am not looking forward to the greatest motorsport event in the UK! It is truly a dream come true. I’ll keep you Lenspeed readers posted…