By The Lenspeed Team


We’re in no doubt that S$300,000 is a lot of money, but if you’ve been tracking car prices in Singapore closely like Lenspeed has, the list prices fresh off the press of the F30 M3 and F32 M4 will certainly get you sitting up and paying attention.

At $226,800 (without COE) and $236,800 (without COE) for the M3 and M4 respectively (as of 22 June 2014), the M3 can now be had below the psychological $300k barrier inclusive of a $61,899 COE from the latest bidding – a first in a long while for an M car, if not the first time in history. As far as our memories can bring us, a E46 M3 still asked for circa $340k back in the day…

Whatever wizardry BMW M has employed to get the prices so low, we’re definitely not complaining. With the equivalent RS4 breaching nearly half a million dollars, both M cars are currently an absolutely bargain.

We’re making a good guess that these M cars would probably be sold in poverty spec, allowing their prices to stay so competitive – and maybe also leading to a lower OMV. But seeing as how Singaporeans care more about the badge than what options their cars have, this is a sound strategy to drive volume.

Heck, we can already hear the cheque books being thrown on the leather-lined tables…